Trump Makes Move On [CB], Patriots In Control Of Economy – Episode 1787a, X22Report, Published on Feb 10, 2019

Prior to the 11:47 mark outta the 15:30 YouTube video, I received an incoming thought.

Based on what happened to soldiers being ambushed via a YouTube video, I think I know what’s happening to these talks.

Here’s how it works and it doesn’t matter who is broadcasting or blogging stuff. That data dump is up to “them”.

I do NOT know who TF these “Patriots” are or who these Central Banksters are.

Anyway, regarding these alleged talks and meetings, the cover stories via the mainstream ad nauseam news outlet media and pals are doing their jobs – creating stories to “cover” stuff that is already happening – behind the scenes.

Let me clarify. The noise is a cover for real stuff. So when rDT announced that he is gonna talk with KJU the son and rDT are gonna talk in Vietnam, I think they are really gonna talk about the newly discovered giant skeleton.

2019021-1831-another layer of incoming thoughts. And so the meeting probably will be about giants and other skeletons in the closets and how the demise will have been done.

20190210-1835. Okay forget that one. They’re gonna meeting and talk about the oil stuff. Get it? Never mind.

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