Confirmation, Countdown Begins, T-Minus, Optics Are Important – Episode 1787b, X22Report, Published on Feb 10, 2019

Holy crap! I really do NOT follow this Q, or Q Anon, or Q Anonymous because there is too much crap. I do NOT have time or care in the world to find out WTF is going and it’s NONE of my business.

Anyway, the problem with these “code breakers” is that they are reading in between the lines too much. Take whatever is shown at face value and try NOT to add your own interpretations. Only the “insiders” would know WTF is going on. Okay?

This stuff may well be another “operative” to fish out by fishermen or flush our by plumbers these alleged “Patriots”. Do y’all hear what I’m saying? OMG! Are y’all are so slow?

Are y’all so desperate to sell your stuff during this Great Depression 2.0 when there is no demand by a none existent audience? Yes in one of the Q post, no one would know that a tree had fallen half-way across, NOT around the other side, the earth plane.

For example, Das Squirrel would make a point when observing stuff such as:

  • All cats are designed to have four legs. But all cats can have accidents and lose at least one leg. So does this mean that it an animal has four leg, that animal must be a dog? Never mind.
  • A tattoos is a tattoo and nothing else. Tattoos are portals for demonic possessions.
  • I didn’t know (see or hear the tree fell). Therefore, I don’t care

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