Dear diary,

Today went well. Our local pastor was begging, err, encouraging, taxpayers, err, parishioners to donate more money via the ADA (Annual Diocesan Appeal).

Anyway, my eyeballs were blurry from eyeball boogers and I couldn’t see clearly through my small eyeglasses. And with my poor hearing and expensive hearing aides, I wasn’t paying too much attention.

So I’ve distracted my small mind with the following comparison:

  • Build a wall via taxpayer monies.
  • Sell a salvation via parishioner donations.
  • Water the gardens.
  • Wipe away tears.
  • Comfort sick and dying.
  • Heal wounded hearts.
  • Hammer the crazy brains.

Yeah, that’s how I listen to sermons. I can make up my own fake reality, the kind that is comfortable despite the harshness of living a life while stuck on this hellish planet and while trapped in this humanized meat sack.


Flynn B still pissed off that I’m forced to worship in a religion.

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