David Wilcock: What is Ascension? (LIVE 2/9, 4PM PST!),
David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL), Streamed live on Feb 9, 2019

I sat through this one-hour YouTube video and took some chicken notes below:

0708, speedometer 8,000 pulled into parking lot, light, powerful dream, NDE, brain is dead, body is dead, sneakers on roof
0937, living universe
1022, probably bandwidth attack, disrupt broadcast, too many pulling on our bandwidth, new for us, three camera angles, sounds, lightings, distractions, joy, happening all at once
1200, branch Russian science, 3000 papers classified until 1991, communists paid scientists, no war, no national security.
1304, scientists targeted, water ice and mine on moon for lunar colony, concentration camp, wife fighting, liquid starch unflavored
1340, extreme adversity, unbelievable powers, super psychics, hardest hits China, teleport pills from inside bottle
1502, teleportation partially and completely disappears slower time and slower materialization, Waves of Time Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev. local time was NOT.
1604, atomic clocks, fast planes, time moved slightly differently in planes
1712, dealing in torsion physics, time can change in lab, measurable time waves, isolated thermometer with mercury by beaming waves without temperature changes.
1819, a wave would be created from liquid water to boiling water. subtle waves torsion field, a twist in gravity. time is a function of gravity, time is gravity powered. consciousness is gravity powered.
1912, asymmetrical balance beam 10 grams one side and 1-gram other side via two strings. vibrate string. pendulum stops moving. sealed inside glass container so no winds.
2040, 40,000 public papers on torsion field from former Russia late 1990s.
2140, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev reading book on tempted by self-serving and destructive stuff.
2232, needle pointed to him after uprising in consciousness while reading book, mind can create the waves, phenomenon
2321, even if not conscious of observer, GSR skin response, the body knowns being stared at behind CCC and not aware. Somebody is looking behind us. Skeptics not looking at all evidence.
2436, emanation of universe and consciousness
2518, Sir Roger Penrose and theory, squiggles originate from single point. Map out shapes of diverse quantum behavior. All quantum sacred geometry pattern – model for everything in the universe.
2808, two triangles, Hebrew 3D shape of the universe. Primordial shape and center of the universe.
3048, Hindu mandala, Aum, the primordial sound.
3308, two tetrahedron. The whole universe is a photon, which is this Merkabah.
3405, DNA a by-product. Doctor Luc Antoine Montagnier, Nobel Prize scientist on HIV. Two tube of water run with DNA and with H20, basic earth 7hz frequency for 18 hours. Plain water has DNA!
3548, only transmuted hydrogen blocks into complex protein stuff. any h20 potential DNA.
3625, DNA via quantum alive. Only group in China financed his research. Wright Brothers via France investment.
3804, not being publicized. 3812, comment it all came from the creator.
3835, you are being created by hidden wave (He fails to mention God.)
3915, Law of One via dreams were telling him interesting stuff. Problem with car, broke down, wheel completely went flat.
3958, understand language of dream on daily basis. I get my own information from my dreams and he can trust his dream data.
4043, transcendent projection – don’t do this. to withdraw projection from world and bring it home to self.
4236, 1. shadow (fear projecting faults and blames to others), joy in others misery, denigrating them, laughing, humiliating, looking for villain, need to use dirty tricks to protect self, projection was inside the self. something inside upsetting self.
4349, the shadow must be healed, transform and love yourself. other things will get pissed off and makes you angry in Law in One.
4503, to a perfectly balanced entity, there is no emotionally charged energy. Once you have loved yourself 5’9″ and 220 pounds fat kid who went anorexic. Misery is joy.
4621, insecure about self-stuff, then y’all go after others reflecting your insecure. National Enquirer blackmailing Bezos about his dick pics.
4742, Jeff Bezos and weird eyes and get sued for slander and defamation. Hilarious.
4820, Haunted sense of self-punishment chatting log.
4856, projecting something don’t like about self, projecting onto others. Judgmental thought – think to myself – Is this my issue? More success better job better career?
5002, by loving self, can heal all stuff. (This makes sense unto Evil Kitty. Amen!)
5032, Ageless Wisdom, is NOT new information unto moi. I think I got a nice book on that stuff already. Carl Jung
50.57, different primordial archetypes. 2. anima female stuff spiritual presence on earth – beauty, worship of beautiful women, actress, embody character believe in relationship with them, posters on wall, connected, part of self
5322, 3. animus male stuff, athletes, jocks got all the attention (was heavy and lost 85 pounds), marijuana issue until 19 years old and 26 years sober, super heroes, really buff, really strong, sculpt yourself, corresponding archetype
5535, 4. self. If you want everything to become part of yourself, then get rid of heroes. Athletes, politics, gurus. Those projections are falling out. Not seeing same people. Deep state working behind the scene, trying to get us to like the dark side. Withdrawing from heroes and how to be your own heroes.
5829, process of ascension. (Some can do OBE as if putting on clothes.)
5916, learning to love yourself is simple. projecting can be damaging. naturally you can be more accepting and kinder and give the gift of bounty. Non-judgement. Non-duality. Worldwide transformation. Super hero state, telepathy, telekinesis, teleport, and stuff.
1000, service to others, find it in yourself, give the gift to give. potential to take this wave from universe, possible to light body.

Addendum thoughts: I think that is what I’ve been observing in the political circus. What is the level of forgiveness and loving other DIFFERENT selves?

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