Near Miss

Near Miss
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20190210-1518-off topic thoughts only.

Wow! You handled that incident pretty goo and luck was on your side that time.

I might have many “near misses” but I’m not sure if the following items would count:

  • Almost skidding off the embankment ditch of snow and into the raven below after the driver hit a layer of black ice.
  • Almost snapping off my neck after snowboarding over an exposed piece of rock and landing VERY gently a 360 degree flip onto my buttocks.
  • Almost cutting myself while using the kitchen knife several times.
  • Almost running over a little girl who bolted away from her family and in front of my car as I cornered hurriedly the right.
  • Almost running over bicyclists, pedestrians, etc.
  • Almost running late for important appointments.

That’s about it.

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  1. Hello Flynn,

    I think that most of those count, thank you for sharing that; I am glad that you and others survived those near misses.

    -John Jr


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