Day: 20190211-235944


Dear diary, I’m trying to wind down after listening to my daddy that I shouldn’t watch Trump’s rally. And so I’m watching YouTube videos after eating the dinner of chicken, tri-tip steak, and veggie meatball soup, which my daddy cooked…. Read More ›

20190211-2243-Blog Release 8,300 criminal ALIENZ? I didn’t know they were ALIENZ! Hmm. Wow! So do they have to wait until Judgement Day for any word?


Behold! With the help of my daddy, I have successful replaced the old battery with a new battery. I’m smart! Prior to attending noontime mass, the old beater car wouldn’t start up; so we ended up using the MB E430…. Read More ›


Caught on CCTV: Woman knocks 15-foot crucifix in California church, RT, Published on Feb 11, 2019 Feminism is dangerous. I received an incoming thought that feminism is enabling child rape and marriages, both of which can allow ultimately Sharia law… Read More ›