Caught on CCTV: Woman knocks 15-foot crucifix in California church, RT, Published on Feb 11, 2019

Feminism is dangerous. I received an incoming thought that feminism is enabling child rape and marriages, both of which can allow ultimately Sharia law to override current Americanized child abuse and human trafficking laws.

“Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes.”

Feminists are lesbian Wiccan, who are easily triggered by Christians and anything Christian, including crucifixes, one of which was knocked over as shown in the YouTube video. The dumpy woman was later arrested for destroy other artwork.

Noticed how ALL feminists have that dumpy look and disturbing behavior that are both NOT feminine! I fail to see and understand how they could expect sexual equality when men are supposed to be buff, when children are supposed to be innocent, and when women are supposed to be graceful.

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  1. That frumpy dumpy look is like an epidemic among many modern day females.

    I ran across an old early1920’s video of people walking about in NYC. Among all the people, there was not a single overweight or obese man or woman in the crowd. Not a single one. And they were all well dressed too. What does that tell you?

    Since summer of 2017 I have been losing weight slowly. From then to now 21 lbs and counting. I’m already looking better in clothes. Most days it is only one meal a day. Sometimes we will eat twice. On the one meal days, I will eat a grapefruit for a snack, or some kind of fruit. Mostly grapefruits and oranges. Occasional spoonful or half a teaspoon of organic hot chocolate in my coffee, which is a tad of sugar, but I always make sure to put the Cassia cinnamon oil in my coffee. Other than that, my diet is strict. No grains or dairy, or other sugar foods.

    The weight loss is from the Lugol’s iodine and co-factors needed for thyroid. The co-factors are mainly L-Tyrosine for T4 productions and selenium mineral for the T4 to T3 conversion. Other co-factors are magnesium, Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate), copper and zinc, and just an all around vitamin and mineral supplement by Youngevity called Tangy Tangerine.

    Then I take the needed supps for all the various buildup of “metabolic waste”, which I termed as “hardening of the body” called Myxedema (mucin deposits), Hardened Fibrin, AGEs, and calcified deposits (arthritis causes). So I take the Benfiotiamine for AGEs, NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) for myxedema and removal of fats from liver. I still need Lipase in addition to that. Serrapeptase for dissolving the excess fibrin, fibrosis, any biofilms, which work with the benfiotiamine to prevent numbness too. Fibro-Ease for the prevention of hardened fibrin (offensive action), and Arthritis-Ease for hardened calcium in any joints. The Fibro-Ease and Arthritis-Ease are specific herbal blends.

    Then the various essential oils, like the cinnamons for blood and keeping blood sugar down, and the others for microbial needs for flu prevention. I am out of the herbals, but will be back on those soon. Also Coritsol-Ease because I’ve always been a stress head. I still need some DHEA and adaptogens for adrenal support. I still tend to fatigue.

    So along with this ongoing anti-parasitic protocol, all the various things are causing me to lose excess weight, fat, and other stuff buildup in the body. My NCR naturopath was blown away at the weight loss, so I told her everything I did, and she was writing it all down. I also told her I do the hypebaric oxygen chamber therapy at least once a month, except in winter, because we are snowed in then.

    And the fascia blaster for those trouble spots, which I blast pretty much all over anyway. So no frumpy dumpy for moi. All I need now is a brand new set of teeth, and I’ll be a happy camper in this body. But at least I can manage all the other stuff pretty well.


    • Speaking of teeth, I thought I would have had a couple of dental emergency, because I might have loosened my fillings with a VERY chewy and tough chocolate pineapple snack. So with my toothpaste, that hurdle is temporary until the next dental appointment.

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      • Seems like my teeth are always a dental emergency. i was getting an infection on the bottom, slightly right, which is a bad tooth, so I had to get regular antibiotics for it. Amox 500 mg, which is always what is prescribed for tooth and gums infections. I still use the essential oils, the Uncle Harry’s essential oils, mouthwash rinse, tooth powder, and remineralization liquid, but the Amox had to be gotten to hit it hard. When I’m done with that, then get back on the pre-biotics/pro-biotics to replace any good flora lost.. Amox and the other stuff has pretty much knocked it out, but am doctoring a gum pocket thingy. Have to step up vitamin C for that. The Lugol’s iodine helps with any possible systemic that could come from that. It not enough to brush and floss these days. It’s nutritional feficiencies, lack of absorption, and other environmental factors, like dental molestation from idiot dentists early on in life. By golly, if have to come back to this place again, I HAVE to be in a better body, better parents (like anti-vax/anti-mainstream), and none of this fugly body stuff either. Sheesh! No wonder people are unhappy and miserable. They get stuck with defunct bodies and dysfunctional families, etc… Anyway, I hope you get yours sorted out soon, as teeth problems suck major.


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