I’m currently listening to 560 KSFO San Francisco Live Radio (Mark Levin is off today) via the iHeartRadio app for iPad.

And I had an OLD incoming thought triggered by the incoming public phones. One male caller was probably trolling as a Democrat and then a female caller was disheartened to hear how Democrats have become more far left towards socialism and probably ultimately communism.

And so my OLD incoming thought was to practice the thoughts of REVERSALS. When thinking about anything positive, think about the REVERSALS, the impact, the negatives. Visualize becoming the inanimate object, such as solar panels, for example. Visualize the solar panels atop your residential rooftop. Step back and visualize the REVERSE.

As a consumer, I believe solar panels are good (positives), but I have areas of concern below (negatives):

  • What happens when there is no sunshine? Can I cook food and heat my home without sunshine? Can AOC Green New Deal fly solar-powered airplanes?
  • Who do I call when my solar panels need maintenance (rusty) and repair (broken from a golf-sized snowball)?!

The bottomline: Anything new building, constructing is costly. Anything that is NOT common, standardized, or customized is costly. Anything that is NOT wanted, recycling, demolishing, repairing, maintaining is costly.

As a consumer, I believe electric vehicles are good (positives), but I have areas of concern below (negatives):

  • What happens when I wanna travel to COLD or HOT climates?
  • Can I EV battery pack function normally in these extreme weather conditions?
  • Can I find charging stations in remote countrysides for my EV?
  • How far can I travel without charging my EV?
  • What happens when the battery pack of EV gets wet from rain and floods?
  • Will I survive inside a flaming EV made mostly outta plastic?
  • Will I survive a SUDDEN impact while trapped inside a plastic car?
  • Are there any STRONG metal bars for extra impact protection of these EV cars?

As a consumer, I believe a HUGE wall are good (positives), but I have areas of concern below (negatives):

  • If there is no compromise for a HUGE wall, then can the Democrats compromise with a SECURED border?
  • If the mainstream news reported that border securities can process only twenty humanz in a SINGLE day, then can then Democrats compromise to help increase processing the number of humanz crossing the Souther Borders?
  • If the Democrats refuse to compromise for the vital border areas of concern and for the increase of helping to process the number of humanz, then rDT must declare a National Security.
  • If rDT refuses to declare a National Security, then rDT must shutdown the government, because I believe y’all are TOO bankrupt to admit that y’all can afford to take care of both Americanized taxpaying citizens and illegal ALIENZ.

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