“Something extraordinary is happening in Europe—and perhaps soon in America. Teen girls are leading a movement to stop climate change.”

I am seeing variances in these wordings.

I see the word ‘teen’ and ‘girls’. I think humanity has its savants and geniuses VERY early in age. I think girls need to help the boys, NOT overpower them with muscles, sexuality, or words.

The women help to manage the household overall, but the men should discipline both women and children – almost like a railroad track arm to stop the caravan from flowing too far into danger. (Refer to YouTube videos showing the dads rescuing their children in lightening speed.)

I wonder what is the current stats on males and females, because some countries do NOT have enough males or females. Hmm.

I see the word ‘stop’ and ‘climate’, which can be the spiritual litmus test of what changes in the ecosystem that humanz should stop, like eating too much meat and sugars, like consuming too my petroleum and plastics, like use putrid languages (last night Granny Awards) and violent programmings (symbolisms in arts and music).

If America is a cooperation of the British rule, then whatever is happening is Europe is probably an offshoot into America, because that’s what I’m reading online, where I get most of my stuff and no one else, of course.

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