Below are my latest futile attempts to answer the Q anonymous questions that y’all are supposed to have already known. If some stuff appears twice, it’s because I cannot recall where I left off or if I did, I’m too lazy to review my old blog and determine my last thoughts.


  • Your stuff must be perfect and contain NO errors whatsoever! Kitty cats prowl into the long nights to ensure y’all are doing your jobs.


  • Variances exist. My daddy, Das Squirrel, heck, the majority are still asleep. Truly, the odds are stacked against those who challenge. It is mathematically impossible to change broken hearts, stubborn minds, bad behaviors, etc.


  • Correct. “People who still need proofs will never get it”. Meaning, they do NOT care if y’all expose or tell the Truth. Each soul is NOT entirely ready for the Truth.


  • I have a problem with any alleged FACTS, because once again, my reality can differ to your reality. And if multiple dimensions do exist, and if these FACTS are crossing or spilling over incorrectly into a reality or dimensional set, then it is mathematically impossible, including checks. 20190212-1815-I received an visual incoming thought of a triangle (three branches checking each other) and the arrows are pointing or passing the stick to either side of the triangle. Such as closed-minded system.


  • It’s called synchronicity as per David Wilcock, a popular New Aged mouth piece, of all sorts.


  • How do you deter & prevent this from happening again? Don’t have any more Presidents. Wow! That was easy!
  • Simply by terminating employment of those responsible? Yes.
  • Simply by conducting a few ‘non-threatening’ investigations? Yes. Don’t let the targets know. What the targets won’t know won’t hurt them. Once again, targets do NOT and probably cannot handle the Truth.
  • Prosecuting those responsible to the fullest extent of the law? Which laws? Y’all broke that Biblical Ten Commandments.
  • Setting up new checks & balances and oversight designed to increase transparency? Yes and yes.
  • Provide OIG office(s) w/ funding inc (size) ++ authority? Ack, there we go again with funding. If y’all need the extra help to get the job done, then y’all need to find the additional budget.
  • Provide select committees w/ access and in-house viewing of non NAT SEC CLAS material? Yes, all eyes need to know stuff. Then again those humanz elected into office are scary enough.
  • Provide a check on Directors/Dep Directors/Asst Directors of all such ABC agencies? Ack, there we go again with jobs, or check. Y’all need help; so hire more helpers.
  • Establish ‘financial checks/reviews’ of those in senior (critical) positions (audits) + direct family (close proximity)? Yup. Y’all gotta realize that funds come from consumers and investors, who probably borrowed from the banks, such as small businesses (SLA). So yes, everything depends on other financials institutions and instruments.
  • Nobody should be above the law (no matter how massive the spider-web is (entangled)). There is such folly in your statements as individual Pagans are his/his/its/their own laws.


  • What does a dog do when he/she has a bone?  Bitches bury their stuff deep underground or chew heartily and turn stuff into poop.


  • Shall We Play a Game? Some have said this is NOT supposed to be a game.
  • Where are they now? They are serving in Sheol, I guess.


  • Nothing being done? What would y’all want to be done with these fools?


  • God speed, Patriot. Duh.


  • “Did they get the clip?” Nope, since my daddy told me NOT to watch the Trump rally. I was attending my weekly choir rehearsal. My daddy knows best.
  • “Did they catch all the references?” I’m still NOT understand what is the big deal with this Q phenomenon. (I continue to misspell the word: phenomenone.) For all I know, that was planted for visual effects.


  • Life Lesson | The next time you ‘leak’ classified information, don’t have your phone (or allow phones of the ‘unknown’ go-between ‘students’) present. | FISA works both ways. I guess we should turn off our Personal HotSpots and Find Friends and such. (I still do NOT know how to use most of the apps anyways.)


  • Y’all forgot Step Five: Popcorn, drinks, and 3D eye glasses/googles.


  • Hmm. I think y’all should FIRE all of them.


  • […] why then is there a need to open ‘new’ investigations? Because their narratives are falling apart at the seams?
  • What about the so-called ‘evidence’ already seen? Those so-called ‘evidence’ are probably fictitious.
  • How is [AS] making open statements re: MUELLER not investigating POTUS/Deutsche Bank thorough enough if the MUELLER investigation itself is CLASSIFIED? If bad actors cannot remember their scripts VERY well, then they are covering up stuff, because in their hearts they know they are lyin’! Freaking liars!
  • How does [AS] know what MUELLER has/hasn’t investigated? They cannot possibly know, because stuff is still under investigated! Your damn laws are so convoluted that y’all protecting each other at all cost (to the taxpayers, of course)!
  • Ask yourself, why? Hiding stuff. Too embarrassing.
  • FEAR of what? Punishment. Ridiculous.


  • What about Domestic interference? Isn’t that called “projecting”, a reflection of what USA has done in the affairs of other countries and nations globally by policing their outmoded rules and rulers?
  • (new standard of no show vote SC 2019 scope case?) 20190212-1850-incoming thought indicated and as I have mentioned in my blogs and via the chatting sessions on Live Stream, that most registered voters refuse to vote and fail to vote in a timely matter.
  • Why do D’s push for NO VOTER ID in U.S. elections? Because the almighty Artificial Intelligence is an impartial judge and can tabulate with PERFECT accuracy who is legit and what was entered into the ballots – depending on software programmer, hardware anomalies, and other unforeseeable crap, like on-site tampering and such.
  • Why do D’s push for OPEN BORDERS? Because they are stupid and crazy, err, I meant these particular groups refuse to be told what they can and cannot do, such as no need for ID or biometrics. And if they wish to heal and pollute freely, that is their prerogative. Oh wait, 20190212-1855-incoming thoughts indicated certain groups believe that they are sovereign citizens, and maybe they are working with and influencing the Democrat base. Hmm.
  • What (FALSE) ‘narrative’ is pushed by D’s re: VOTER ID LAW? Infringement of privacy NOT to submit blood, sweat, tears, saliva, fingerprints, photos of fugly biounit meat sacks, birth certificates, marriage certificate, any pieces of papers or documents, etc. OMG! Bingo!
  • Racist? Yeah, racial profiling of illegal ALIENZ. For human affairs, no. Gotta keep everything equal.
  • Voter suppression of minority vote? Nope, gotta keep everything fair and balanced.
  • When is an ID required? I would include ALL voters, those serving in electoral colleges, lobbyists, donors, non-profits parties and other unionized groups contributing stuff to any political campaign and such. 20180212-1900-incoming thoughts.
  • Should an ID not be required at all (for any reason) given the argument made by D’s? How are y’all supposed to obtain an accurate metrics if your base census on the number of LEGALLY registered to vote and NOT to vote isn’t clearly established? How can y’all gauge and ultimately pass bills and legislations if you do NOT know accurately what the voters REALLY want and need?
  • Does the argument ‘A NATIONAL VOTER ID LAW would suppress the minority vote  suggest minorities are incapable of obtaining an ID? The argument fails because, the minorities are those who REFUSE to exercise their right to vote, and that is sad.
  • When is an ID required? I would require ID for all LEGAL and ILLEGALS and for any and all transactions imaginable.
  • Which minorities are they referring to? They are referring to those who don’t care to participate in the election or voting processes. And these are supposed to be intelligent voters, who figured out already that voting does NOT work for them. Do y’all hear what I’m trying to say here?
  • (illegal immigrants?) Nope, that is a narrative only for those who do NOT think for themselves.
  • Will the DOJ support the push instead of file legal challenges as [LL] did in the past? Aren’t they all in the same boat?
  • If the SC ruled in 2008 that VOTER ID laws do not impact/harm or prevent ‘minorities’ from voting, how could the U.S. 4th Circuit Court rule opposite? There is NO impact. The only impact are those who REFUSE to vote because this group have already lost faith in the system.
  • Is the 4th Circuit Court considered LEFT/Liberal? All Courts are impartial and unbiased. The evidence must be presented in a such way to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that stuff warrants a fair judgement. (Oh, man! Am I smart or what?)
  • Why do D’s want POWER at all costs? Oh, stop it! All humanz want POWER, that which corrupts the good souls, too. (Refer to the fictional character Galadriel created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Also refer to our Lord Jesus Christ, because everyone else is a sinner and NOT worthy.)



  • Like one of the hearing committee has said for the record, I don’t have time for that (searching online). Hehe! Yeah, my daddy continues to believe one side is attacking the other side. And so I am dismayed that I have to live, hear and experience how easy humanz can be triggered by hurt feelings. We continue to bicker daily about stuff like this. After his MSNBC and cable news media have been restored yesterday, he is happily absorbing his news upstairs and I’m NOT bothered.


  • Why does the FAKE NEWS media continue to attack a so-called ‘conspiracy’? TPTB and pals wanna control independent thinkers who cannot complain openly and have no other outlet than to share conspiracy stuff.
  • Did you know there’s been 1,000+ articles written about this movement by the FAKE NEWS media machine? Really? I did NOT know because there are too many articles.
  • What are they afraid of? They are afraid of full disclosures, which would embolden those who were forced to keep silent via arbitration and non-disclosure agreements and other blackmailing stuff.
  • People coming together and thinking for themselves? Actually, I do NOT care what you think, because you don’t care what I know!

Okay, I’m finished. My stiff neck hurts from craning it forward like a caveman(woman). I still cannot find the ideal computer workstation layout as I’m reusing old furniture, such as my mommy’s hospital table.

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