Hero Dad Saves The Day Compilation Father’s Dat Edition, TopRank Comiplation, Published June 18,2017

This is exactly how TBTP and pals operate. I would blog about stuff that annoys unto moi and then YouTube videos would appear in my Recommended list.

In this latest example, the male humanz are programmed to supermen. They protect. Protecting involves super fast responses, quick decisions, and the ability to intercept the arrows of Diana-Artemis and the wrath of Mars-Ares.

That’s what I meant when POTUS should be male (on or about the 2016 stuff), because they are programmed and ready to do battles. Whereas the females are more for-giving when it comes to disciplinary actions against bad behaviors.

This brings me to why USA has been both successful and hated, because it serves as a harsh disciplinarian to those who misbehaves.

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