At 1311pm (notice the symbolic double-digit numerical value), I passed the top rope belay test and got my red card instead of a white card, which is temporary for one day.

A new guy in training helped to test me and I passed. He just started at 1300pm today. So I wished him luck after he handed me my red card and other stuff.

Yesterday, after noontime mass, I didn’t know if someone was on board to test me and so I was about to leave discouraged when a tall whitish young lad offered to refresh my brain.

What threw me off were the two ropes. The climber side (left) already had a tie-off to prevent the rope from passing to the top. The belay side (right) already had a grigri, which I thought we were to put on ourselves.

I already took a belay class back in May 11th (notice the symbolic, double-digit numerical value) and passed that one prior to taking today’s belay test, which I should have taken within a few days the class.

So tonight I’m going back to belay Das Squirrel. I’m NOT really excited as my reality have been warped thanks in part to TPTB and pals. I am resentful and no longer hopeful. I really wondered who or what allows certain stuff to happen or not.

Anyway the goal is for exercising and my health. Whatever.

Categories: flynnspaws, health

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