20190910-1108. So I’ve updated my online Profile to reflect my preferred job title position as Consultant, which is appropriate as per the following hilarious word definitions:

  • An unemployed white male, which is true since I’m probably part Cau-Asian, only without the cock. Get it? No? Too bad.
  • Glorified business hooker, which is true because some male staff seem attractive to me, which is why I dress like a thug with dark lipstick as a cover to swat and ward them off.
  • A self-proclaimed expert, which is true because I know everything and anything that does NOT go my way in reality and in life is incorrect.
  • A successful consultant that detaches from its host at the exact moment its parasitic qualities are discovered by upper management, which is true because I noticed that these reptilians would appear VERY cautious and hesitant in my presence. Hiss.
  • A mimic and often hated by everyone, which is why I do NOT use past friends or employers as business references.
  • A useful adviser who knows stuff but only laughs knowing how futile advises are among already established processes.

So y’all see folks, I love being under and unemployed and staying at home. For fun, I walk around outdoors and blog online. I can only afford to do so because I’m wealthy, err, full of crap.

Categories: flynnspaws, urbandictionary

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