Cool Beans

I learned about this slang term long ago from a whitish divorced co-worker who hates sunlight and whose desk he overly decorated with one huge golf umbrella over his head. I’ve blogged about it and I guess that my co-workers prolly read what I wrote and one co-worker, a tiny Filipino, suddenly opened the window blinds to let in lots of sunshine. That’s how we Filipinos operate – we nice, then we thugs if y’all push our buttons too far. Do y’all understand?

And so a few months ago during my temp job from hell, I emailed that slang term in response to Kat’s email about how crazy it must be at my desk. I meant to let her to fuck off but recalled this slang term – cool beans, which should have brought an imagery to her small Asian brain that it’s a crap load piled high that it has cooled into a solidified mass, meaning it was freaking boring.

So two days prior to leaving that temp job from hell and during a refresher over a drop membership process with the former AA, I pointed out to the former AA that I liked how Jaq would include two statements in her emails – that a member wanted to drop and that an LRR couldn’t retain that member.

I wanted to scream at these humanz that their process could have been improved (slightly but it’s all good for all I care) to include ALL email threads pertaining to whatever transpired AND to include the word ‘approve’ somewhere in the body of the email prior to my pressing that nice submit button. But no. You idiots misunderstand everything and assume that I play dumb, which is true. I love to give y’all a difficult time, by the way.

That’s what happens when unionized thugs of old cannot and refuse to self-adjust or make room for younger, faster, and smarter workers.

That’s all I have to say. I hope y’all have an eternity of cool beans.

Categories: flynnspaws, urbandictionary

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