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What is a Flynn?

“A person beholding the name Flynn or has it within his/her string of names is considered sexy, incredible, ninja-tastic, amazing and mysterious. Not only are they amazing in bed, but outside of the bed as well. If ever get a chance to kiss one of these Flynns never cease to act upon it! Their kisses make you melt the second your lips touch with theirs. Adventurous and easy going, Flynns can give you the thrill of your life and make you addicted to them. You’ll want them more and not just because you have to survive, but because you really do WANT them. Hold on to these Flynns, once you find one. You’ll never get one back if you lose him/her.

You wish you were a Flynn!”

What can I learn from the Flynn?

For example, take such as the “Flynn effect“.

“The Flynn effect is the substantial increase in average scores on intelligence tests all over the world.”

In other words, people are getting smarter. Consider Flynn as your would-be school teacher: It’s like being in a classroom, only better – less boring and more entertaining. Thus Flynn provides a stimulating environment for the hungry minds. Just by reading this blog provides some, if not, enough nutritious “food for thoughts.” Don’t doubt that Flynn could be infectious and not contagious in spreading dreadful truth about reality. Rest assured, Flynn expects the dumb-downed minds of people to progress and their Intelligence Quotient to increase.

Who is really the Flynn?

She is a novice writer who artfully weaves short stories and poems through her blogs since February 2006. Her material is mostly biographical in nature, presenting an open and honest insight into her simple mind about deep thoughts and mixing in subject matter ranging from rants and raves, religion and science, business and politics to man versus machine or oneself, too. Her main goal in life is finding true love and how spirituality is behind all that is beautiful and why nature exists and affects her worldview.

Where did she come from?

Her Birthplace was in Portsmouth Navel Hospital (Portsmouth, VA) to hard-working parental units, who emigrated from the Philippines. Her Catholic upbringing was loving, normal and simple. Her Childhood friends lived in and around Camp Allen (Norfolk, VA) where happy memories included birthday parties, piano recitals, fishing and clamming. Playing in the snow during the winter season with her only younger brother by three years was also a past time fun. The young family of four moved to the Bay Area and lived in the Current City of San José, CA since in 1976.

What does she do for a living?

Currently, she lives happily in the comfort at home with her parental units for free and in relative peace and quiet in the suburbs of a Mediterranean climate in Santa Clara County, City of San José, California, United States. Her current Occupation is an Amateur blogger and weblog designer. She spends her time indoors the entire day and without a care in world and does her fair share of Cooking, cleaning, eating, and sleeping. She is transitioning over from doing tedious work as an Accounts Receivable clerk and Data entry specialist to an Industry as a Semi-retired professional working for non-profit.

When did she become a blogger?

The inspiration to blog started out after a chatting session with team orgonite and pals (i.e. The Women Warriors). She later accepted an invitation to join in their energy boost by ‘holding hands’ with strangers for more than three hours that night and after one day of this event, she decided to enter her first online journal entry through Yahoo! 360. The date was on Tuesday, February 14, 2006, which was Valentine’s Day. That day marked a symbolic passion of the heart’s desire to share her personal experiences, opinions and belief systems to the world in a small way by blogging online with love and light.

Why does she use a pen-name?

She chooses to remain anonymous for good reasons. Her blog entries contain some weird stuff which none outside mainstream science would even consider as being normal and mostly “out of this world”, if not crazy by some highly biased and opinionated commentators. Sometimes she reflects her frustrations as rants, which would be very unpopular and quite hurtful for more sensitive readers, who may find her truths as somewhat progressive, shaking the current systems of both the authorities and government.

What is her real name?

First, her ‘real’ name is unique. The pronunciation itself is best said by those with a Romantic tongue, which in Spanish would mean ‘faith’ (Fe) and ‘pretty’ (Linda). Or for those who know the basics of the Japanese language, the pronunciation would be: fu – ri – i – n – da, which appears as her epitaph. Her name written in Japanese would be: フりーんだ (Hiragana) or ふリーンだ (Katakana).

By taking the first letter of mother’s first name, a daughter would have a new first name based on a popular version of the time. Similarly, the son(s) take up after their father’s namesake. This is somewhat typical of Filipinos for reasons she does not understand and it serves as convenience sake for those with larger families.

This brings to the last name feeling ethnic in some way. People would assume she belongs to one group, namely Hispanic or Latinos. By the simple appearance of her surname, which has the double letters of “L,” this lends itself to the false assumption that she relates to their ethnicity in any way possible.

She may show genetically predisposed traits of mixed ancestry as a Filipino (Chinese, Spanish, or even South Asian Indian) but her physical appearance of looking more ‘Asian’ betrays the mostly unrecorded origins beyond her great-grandparents. She still have a hard time accepting who she am on the inside and what she has become on the outside simply because of the name.

How did she choose the pen name?

Below are three primary reasons about how her brilliant mind came up with the very first pen name.

  1. Noun: Her nickname is Flynn and is sometimes used by family and friends. She has modified this nickname used by her relatives and her full name for those who prefer to call her in that way. Flynn is Celtic/Gaelic in origin. Someday she may dye her hair a red color but certainly not change the current gender as the meaning of the name implies.
  2. Adjective: Her blogs seem fluffy and the word means similar to fuzzy. Her blogs may seem sarcastic at times, cynical as described by another forum blogger and loaded with dark themes of anger and hate. Her imagery of the word fluffy, however, is the heartwarming feelings associated with cozy comforters, champion cats and cumulus clouds. She too is fuzzy all over but that is another topic to discuss. And you will notice a bit of humor when possible. Here is a sample of her funny side, if you care to read and understand her point.
  3. Preposition: She needed to connect both the Adjective (Fluffy) and the Noun (Flynn). She came up with the words ‘of’ and ‘from’ as possible choices but those didn’t fit the creative aspect of her pen name. So she happens to love the picture of a fleur-de-lis or sometimes spelled fleur-de-lys, which if translated from French means ‘flower-of-read’ or ‘flower-of-lily,’ respectively. She tried ‘de‘ but found that too short and came across the Germanic or Austrian version via ‘von’ and then ‘von de’ as her last choice.

On 14-May-2007, she have created the pen name for former and newer blogs, going forward. And with five being the perfect number for her , the five syllables fit well with Fluffy von der Flynn.

Why did she choose WordPress.com?

Since Tuesday, February 14, 2006, Flynn’s Blogs has been a personal weblog site initially via Yahoo! 360 and then Blogger.com. After realizing she could not change the time/date stamps in both Yahoo! 360 and Blogger.com, she found her second home — WordPress.com, a blog site.

After the discovery of WordPress.com on Monday, May 14, 2007, Flynn’s Blog has expanded to include even more “alternative topics” ranging from conspiracy to paranormal and other rants such as politics, relationships and religion.

WordPress.com has other features that allowed the creative soul express itself through color and graphics. Not only has this weblog has taken on various themes, which are free here at WordPress.com but it is also a good place to learn HTML codes and edit CSS style sheets.

What is her current bio-stats?

Here are her current choices in life: Marital status: Single, never married; Children: None yet, no more than one; Religion: Christian (or unconfirmed Catholic); Habits: Non-smoker, social drinker; and Party affiliation: FUN.

Here is her current incarnated life form: Unit: Human female; Body type: Average, hairy; Height: 5’4″ (162.56 cm); Hair: Basic black, short with highlights; Eyes: Dark brown, astigmatism; Race or Ethnicity: Other Asian, Americanized.

What is her educational background?

After she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and a minor, her has finally realized that Life’s experience is the best education.

What languages does she speak?

Her primary language is American with the accent of the West Coast; while Tagalog is a Filipino dialect spoken occasionally at home. She barely understands (read, write and converse) in basic French (taken in high school for three years) and Japanese (taken in college for two semesters).

What are the purpose and interest of the author?

Basically, she pursues Endless hours of reading and re/searching; Serves those in the most need and Observes immediate surroundings. She used to like Taking photographs, Playing piano and guitar and Chatting and messaging but has resigned to Singing to self and during mass and Blogging and ranting.

What influences could affect the author?

In astrology: Sun in Sagittarius; Moon in Taurus; Ascendant in Capricorn; and Earth Monkey Year. In numerology: Expression 3/33/8; Soul Urge 9/6/7; Personality 3/9/1; and Destiny 1. To learn more about the astrological influences of the author, read two sample posts on her relationships and on her personality.

Does the author have any favorites?

Her favorite movies are: Any slap stick comedy; No horror flicks or violence; Action and adventure; and Science fiction and fantasy. Her favorite musics are: Classical to hard rock; Easy listening to smooth jazz; and Oldies to rave. Her favorite books/online articles are: Faith and Spirituality; Science and Fiction; and Esoteric to mundane.

How do I learn more about the author?

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