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What is “The Daily Pause“?

This personal weblog shares a variety of interests and entertains your old mind programming literally at the click of your mouse! You can read the “contents of my thoughts” at anytime for your personal enjoyment, for your sheer boredom and for your ignorance denying with others in your communal sandbox outdoors or by yourself in your prison-like room indoors. Like an ordinary candle flickering at night and like an extraordinary sun burning by day, my blogging material is an informative source of drivel and an enlightening exemplar of blather from alternative TOPICS on silly notions of conspiracy and paranormal to random RANTS, such as politics, RELATIONSHIPS and RELIGION. Read strange DREAMS, wild STORIES and cryptic POEMS. Avoid SPAMS. Try ORGONE.

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What is “Webloggerism”?

Take for example the word : Flynnism.

“In the context of flaming : a series of nonsensical words, haphazardly strung together, designed to bore the reader into a coma-like sleep, giving the author time to escape. Keywords to look for in recognizing a true Flynnism are : Tee-hee, pwned, oyu, and diva.”

The word play itself is a word association of the weblogger by the name of Flynn combined with the suffix `-ism`. Hence, the word “webloggerism” is here and explained below.

The weblogger (derived from blogger) is someone who keeps a diary or journal online and seeks to share private matters, such as personal thoughts and feelings. Weblogging is an internet social sensationalistic outlet and an addictive self-realization movement. It includes observations in the immediate surroundings and in the externalized worldwide views. The weblog practice is characterized by individual approach to daily entries and philosophies.

The weblog movement includes elements ranging from egoism through judgmental opinions and biases towards others to altruism through selflessness and concern for others. Weblog entries and philosophy sometime draws inspiration from major problems in politics, religion and relationships with strong influences from family, friends and strangers. Additional concepts of the movement include everyone interrelated enough to share personal experiences whether real or imagined.

How popular is “The Daily Pause“?

The Daily Pause” website receives an average of 40 views on a daily basis. That’s roughly an average of 12 views weekly and 1,000 views monthly from readers who hardly submit any comments about the blog entries.

Who is Flynn?

How do I contact the author?

Are there other methods of contact?

  • Messaging: She no longer communicate via chatting online or messaging through cellphones. Conversations done through any manner or means whatsoever and that is not conducive to productivity in light of nefarious activities, such as illegal wiretapping, will be recorded for future reference. This is for her protection and yours. Beware. Brouhaha!
  • Phones: Her phone numbers are currently unlisted. She does have access to: a land line that has a call trace feature, a fax number that receives unsolicited information; a cellphone that she hardly uses due to the potential health effects (like cancer) from harmful EMF (or electromagnetic field) to her big brain and another land line that belongs to the homeowner.

Where is the author located?

If you would like to visit the author in person, you can’t simply because she prefers to remain anonymous. For those who know her exact location and/or whereabouts, you know where to find her. She is either at home or at work. When you have the chance, try to figure out how worthy you are to cross her path. You may be surprised.

Can you give us a hint to the whereabouts of the author?

  • Directions: Land at the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). Take a road towards the I-880 interchange. Continue onward until an intersection of an Automated Postal Center in San Jose. Make a right at this intersection until the railway intersection and then a left until y’all figure out where she lives.
  • Address: Her home address is currently unlisted. She live on a long stretch of road, just wide enough for an emergency landing by a small aircraft and near a busy railway intersection where the police make their rounds. The current location of the residence is in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California of the United States (of “America”) on God’s land and is currently governed by the laws of admiralty (or maritime law).

Are all published materials on “The Daily Pause“?

  • All written material is on “The Daily Pause“.
  • Certain personal material is not available here.
  • Posts from other discussion forums are not here.
  • External sources and images are referenced here.
  • Copyright material is not found elsewhere but here.

How do I search archives?

How do I place an ad?

WordPress.com does not allow bloggers to advertise.

  • Read the WordPress.com Support article on Advertising.
  • To be added to the LINKS page and/or blogroll widget, simply Contact me.

Could I get a photo?

If you see a photo from the blog site that you would like to have for personal use, simply Contact me.

  • You may link back to “The Daily Pause” without permission.

What are the sources of your media?

The media used in “The Daily Pause” is for illustration purposes only. Any connection implied between the subjects in the audio, photographs and videos and the content of this blog site is purely coincidental and in no way warrants any liabilities or damages arising from such attribution with Creative Commons. Unless otherwise indicated, images are uploaded from either Wikimedia Commons or iStockphoto. Videos are no longer downloaded copies as MP4 from YouTube but are links. Some photos and videos are taken with a Canon PowerShot A610. Other images are scanned with Canon MP Navigator Version 2.00 for Microsoft Windows. Audio is recorded using Microsoft ® Sound Recorder – Version 5.1, PCM 22.050 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono. Linkbacks to external sources are provided for proper credit on most media from this site.

Could I reprint an article?

Read the NOTICE page for further information.

  • You may link back to “The Daily Pause” without permission.

What if I have an urgent request?

Send your heartfelt prayers to your higher self first as soon as possible. Include your blood, sweat and tears for further communication. Urgent requests should be directly to God. Only heartbreaking stories will be taken over the hot line — hiss!

What if I have comments?

Visitors (including WordPress users who are registered and logged in to comment) are allowed to post comments on the articles.

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Want more?

Feeling bored? Waiting for nothing? Then look no further! “The Daily Pause” is here to help! That’s right! Discover for yourself why the “The Daily Pause” is cool. It can all be viewed – everyday – if you subscribe to the feeds:

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The Daily Pause” includes:

  • 1. Posts | A display of entries in reverse chronological order.
  • 2. Pages | A sitemap of pages from the daily journal.
  • 3. Media | A library of audio, images and videos.
  • 4. Links | A lists of links to blogs and other sites.

In addition, you can view comments, feedbacks, polls, ratings and stats on the blog anytime from morning to evening at “The Daily Pause“.

Want to help?

If you want to help a family stay “alive and kicking” during these times of economic hardships and financial straits and/or to keep this weblog site “alive and well”, you may wish to make a donation via PayPal by clicking an invisible link here or by pressing the invisible donate button here:

Thank y’all!

Page updated on 20190119.

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