Traveler: Am I on the correct path?

Boss: If you are lost and feel like your world has turned upside down, do not be afraid of falling into the trap of eternal damnation. Your personal hell hole is only temporary. In order to make sense of your insane world, you’ve got to search high and low for the answers even if you must climb the treacherous flinty steps, which could ignite at any time from any false move. Whatever paths you happen to choose I wish you good luck on your way back into paradise and a warm Howdy!

Welcome to my personal weblog site! You have chosen to seek what you cannot find. Fate has directed you to experience the noise. Destiny awaits you and lessons must be learned. Thank you for visiting “The Daily Pause”!

There is an inscription to the gate of Hell that says: “All hope abandon, ye who enter here.” In the beginning, there was an infinite space/time continuum of free-will until the Infinite Creator thought of love and said: “Let there be light!” — (Genesis 1:1).

Light was good then and continues to separate from darkness. Consider Light as the divine truth, which shines blindingly bright as on any sunny Day and Darkness also as the divine antithesis, which is exemplified through my blogs.

At times, most of my blogs appear as rants and raves. Rightfully so are my daily experiences, filled with biting cynicism and humorless, if not witty, sarcasms, and the falling away from the grace of Day and into the loneliness of Night; and, yes, while casting beyond a reasonable doubt to some less discerning minds and spirits.

The reasoning behind my blogs is to bring to the readers a dose of my reality, to shake up theirs with those perceived “truths” offered by “experts” via mainstream media, science and academia and compare “simple” truths with new eyes through the mind of a child — moi.

It’s not brainwashing or soul-searching or attempt to debunk the fools wearing sheep or wolves clothing. But rather it’s about bringing every lost soul from a long journey back to where the heart is — Home Sweet Home!

God as a point of light

It’s not living in an expensive, inanimate building filled with inanimate treasures or memorabilia. Home is filled with compassion, love, kindness, patience, understanding and the ability and increased awareness for any sentient being every chance and free-will to exercise ethical and moral conduct with self and each other, including the kingdoms of minerals, plants and animals, including the ethereal and astral worlds.

Where there is a promise for mercy, there is the hope for change. Where there is a guarantee for peace, there is always Love. This is my weblog: Changing your perspective on how you live your life filled with happiness, joy and prosperity.

The abundance beyond your imagination is waiting for you: Just listen well and start off by learning from your own truths and other wisdoms.

In Loving fully and Lightning bright, the Flynn.

Dedicated to warriors fighting the illusions of realities and confusions of minds and seeking Love and Light within all hearts.

Page updated on 20190121.

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