Creativity is alive and has always been within us. While the ordinary blogger is free to rant and rave about anything and all that may or may not have happened, the storyteller in actuality reports on nothing but the sensational or out of the ordinary and tries to make something out of nothing at all. A blog is pretty much useless as another mundane day filled with the boredom and when all the description posted is based on chronological or hierarchical order.

A poet, on the other hand, does the same as prose writers but with more flair and spontaneity driven by the eight basic emotions the instant an inspiration arrives by thought. This is where the distinction being nothing to something could wage an eternal battle of composing one masterpiece of sometimes sheer madness while forming yet other monsters to a much larger puzzle of other truths — truths that only the mind of the creator would ever confirm exists.

The very person with the voice of a poet, eyes of a photographer, hands of a gardener and the ears of a musician may well be examples of creators in the making. And through the mind a deified genius, creating nothing to something that is all things conceivably possible is next to impossible without feedback from other sources not originating from the current observer’s point of views.

What may be beautiful for some may be horrible to another. The interpretation of any writing, whether prose or poetry, is challenging because no one could possibly be capable of dissecting any hard work with complete certainty and figuring out what the person meant in the first the place.

If this page makes sense, then bless you all. If you love reading thus far, then bless us both. Whatever happens to each blogger is fair game because each person should be recognized for unique talents and inherent qualities of sharing their written gifts to the world.

Bloggers should not have to feel isolated or left alone in their own worlds and by their own devices. The world is waiting more from those who have a part in the creative process of journal entries. However, this is not place for numbers. Or is it? I am not counting. Are you?

Author’s note: Oh come on! Why can’t the author write her own foreword?

Page updated on 20190121.

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