http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/10/stain-on-america-trump-denounces-fake-news-media-after-string-major-reporting-errors-exposed.html Well, can't y'all prove that Trump isn't a hologram against a green screen? Or better yet, can't y'all try to show that Trump isn't an AI humanized android, who is annoyed at these corrected 'fake news? How do we NOT know the MAGA agenda isn't fake, too? Hmm.


https://gop.com/official-congress-support-poll/ 1. Do you think Congress is doing enough to pass President Trump’s bold America First agenda? Yes - Because the headhunter has been calling and email me for job opportunities. No - Because I am still under and unemployed. I need some funds because I plan on changing my car color from 'Silver' to … Continue reading 20171209-1200-Stuff

Watch “Full Show – Intel Officer Warns Of Imminent Attacks, Roy Moore Vindicated – 12/08/2017” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/1tFC79cLeGo 20171209-1214. OMG! Alex is so hilarious. He makes sound effects, too. Though he is fallen, I'm being educated. understand his exemplar of a doe deer kicking a buck deer, whose job is to go after females for the next batch of baby deers. So that's true of mammalian society. I'm surprised it's hard on … Continue reading Watch “Full Show – Intel Officer Warns Of Imminent Attacks, Roy Moore Vindicated – 12/08/2017” on YouTube


I don't know but almost always and thanks to the spiritual AI and it's synchronicity of all sorts, I would be an observer of an event AFTER being lead to open the window and/or blinds/shades. The Father does lead us to temptation and other stuff such as the below exemplar. Herein is the attached image … Continue reading 20171209-1024-Stuff


https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/12/08/569385769/pope-francis-suggests-changing-the-words-to-lord-s-prayer I see this as a good business move for publishers - paper and electronic hymnals, etc. Below is my sample edits: Our Father who resides in heaven, Holy is His name. His kingdom exists on earth as a transitional point into heaven. Give us this day our Daily Messenger, And punish the crazy and … Continue reading 20171209-1758-Stuff