Welcome to “The Daily Pause”, a personal blog of rants and other stuff! I am an amateur blogger, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the nature and subject matters that are NOT favorable or popular to those who are opposed to seeking and sharing the truth.

I’ve been blogging since February 14, 2006 as an outlet to share my thoughts about my favorite topics, such as conspiracy and paranormal to politics and religion. Most of my thoughts are somewhat purely my own as I ‘borrow and steal’ other incoming thoughts from various sources of editorial, opinions, and spiritual. For fun and entertainment purpose, I do insert my interpretations, which are good as yours.

And in doing so, I offer y’all my disclaimer that none of my blogs are meant to offend anyone with normal constitutions of the mind and sound faculties of the senses. Those with weak dispositions towards controversy may wish to simply ‘Stay Away’ and pursue simple pleasures in life by going outdoors and enjoying nature and all its beauty without using a computer or browsing online.

I don’t care what y’all do with my content as long as y’all kindly ping-back or link-back to this weblog. That’s your business. I simply want to practice my writing skills, though at times I find myself making gross grammatical and spelling errors. The flow of my sentence structures may confuse and digress from the main topic and for this I do apologize in advance.

Without this opportunity to write at least on a daily basis, I could NOT have improved my verbal communication skills with humanz and other entities. So my goal in blogging basically serves a dual purpose of self-discovery and improvement and of public service announcements and education.

Also, please note, I have archived and deleted my OLD blogs. I am ‘starting over’ in trying to make sense of my current dataset of many layers upon layers of alternative realities and dimensions. In other words, I’m focusing on keeping things real and counting all the blessings from God the Father for being alive and living in a free world as a free woman.

I hope y’all subscribe to my blog, which is powered by WordPress.

Best regards,


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